Each company is a story for itself that’s why our projects start with diagnostics of the real problems and expectations of the management team. We invest in research of the real challenges to know which approaches and which services are most appropriate for the goals that we want to achieve. Diagnostics contains various tools, questionnaires, employee assessment tests, interviews and insights of our specialists throughout the process. Conclusions and insights are shared with the management and from here starts the creating of the specific solutions.

From the experience we have we see that some of the questions we get are the same:

  • How to motivate my employees? How to get engaged in the workplace?
  • How can I reduce fluctuation of employees?
  • How can I find the best ones to join my company?
  • How can the management use its time effectively, and not “turn out fires” every day?
  • How to a right, fair system of rewards and fines, in function of improvement of the companies work?
  • How to find the right way for my company’s development?

We believe that the answers to these questions and the changes can happen through projects which encompass several related areas in the company. That requires involvement in every level in the company working towards the same goal.

Our expertise covers the following key areas:

  • Diagnosis of companies through employee assessment and processes
  • Development/ revising the organizational structure of the company in order to optimize the processes and increase the efficiency of operations
  • Development of job descriptions corresponding to the structure, with defined performance standards for the workplace
  • Centers for assessments for employees competencies and development programs
  • Employee development through training and coaching
  • Coaching programs for the management teams
  • Setting up performance management systems
  • Recruitment and selection of employees through advertisements and direct approach (headhunting)
  • Support to the human resources sector through training and mentoring
  • Strategies for providing, managing and retaining talents
  • Development of marketing and PR strategies
  • Planning and developing the career of the employees as a method for motivation
  • Developing business plans through workshops with the management teams

The results of our projects are measurable because at the beginning together with the clients we set indicators for which we will know how successful we are, for example: increased turnover, profit, introduced new services, access to new markets, increased motivation and engagement of employees, etc.



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